Like me - since Joe Biden and the Democrats took office in 2021 - you’ve watched in horror as WAVE after WAVE of illegal aliens have crashed America’s southern border. Perhaps as many as 10 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS have crossed into the US since Biden, Lucy “Dirty Dollars” McBath and the rest of the Democrats won office in 2020. 

TEN MILLION - as much as the entire NEW ENGLAND section of our country. 

They’re everywhere - destroying our schools, robbing Americans of good-paying jobs, and bankrupting our health facilities - all the while not even bothering to learn English. 

And the Democrats did this on purpose; they intentionally let this happen in the hopes of creating voting power in future elections. And not only did they let it happen, they LIED to our faces while it happened, as if we were stupid enough to believe them. 

The UNPRECEDENTED, mind-boggling situation leaves us law-abiding, American citizens with a sense of being raped. 

Now, I understand that America is a nation of immigrants, and that we welcome law-abiding, educated people who want to become part of the American experience.

But what’s happening now is not normal immigration, rather, it’s an INVASION by people who have:

  1. No intention of learning our language, 
  2. No appreciation for American history, 
  3. Will be funneling tens of billions of dollars across the border to be spent in the economies of foreign countries.

And it’s not just Hispanic folks, either. Thousands of Chinese and folks from Muslim countries have entered the US on Joe Biden’s watch. Why, exactly, are they here? 

But the INVASION will soon be over.  

President Trump has already said he intends to deport these folks en masse - the largest deportation ever in American history. I endorse President Trump and this policy wholeheartedly. 

In addition to mass deportations, we need to SEAL THE BORDER for the next 10 YEARS.


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