Meet Jeff Criswell


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, not for evil, to give you a hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11

Never say die and never stop dreaming.

Jeff Criswell is a dynamic leader who brings a fresh perspective to the world of politics. Jeff is not a politician, however. His background is rooted in faith, entrepreneurship and education, giving him the tools to be an authentic and inspiring leader.

It’s hard to believe my Christian journey now spans 46 years, having met Christ when I was 17. I grew up in the D.C. area, and after falling into the “party life” as a teen, it became obvious that I was on the wrong path. In search of that elusive “something more” I knew life had to offer, I left home, hitchhiking from D.C. down to Atlanta. Along the way a Christian guy offered me a Bible tract. That night, on May 12, 1977, sitting under a street light, as I read the tract, I met Christ in a very dramatic, powerful way.

That night was and is my life’s watershed moment. My life was irrevocably and irreversibly changed. I mean, a butterfly can never go back to life as a caterpillar. Over the years, I’ve learned that faith is a powerful weapon in our personal toolbox. And over the years, even when I struggled with weakness, wandered off the path, and disappointed God - I know he is still moving me inexorably towards the victories that I am destined for.

Jeff's claim to professional fame lies in his creation of A.D. Starr, a renowned baseball brand that he established in 1990. A.D. Starr's success has been exceptional, leading to its acquisition by Dick's Sporting Goods and going on to earn the prestigious title of the official ball of the Little League World Series.


Not long after my conversion, and after my unhappy teenage years, it felt like I was walking on water; not only did I get married, but we became parents to Aaron and Donnie, my two sons, and I earned my way into the University of Virginia. After we later moved to Atlanta, sadly, the marriage failed. Heart-broken over the situation, I decided that a great way to honor my sons, and operate a family business they could be involved in, was to start a baseball brand. Thus, A.D. Starr was born.

Faith, fasting and prayer, embellishes just about everything Jeff Criswell does.

For the last several years, I’ve done Daniel Fasting every month. Gotta’ tell you: God seems to honor this in a powerful way. The premise of the Daniel Fast is that, as we deny ourselves by restricting our diets to vegetables, fruit and nuts, we get more of God in exchange. No brainer of a deal. And yes, this diet is healthy and good for you. After I win this election, my hope is that millions of Americans will join me on a monthly Daniel Fast.

A Call To Serve

The urge to improve the world inspired Jeff, at the age of 63, to embrace teaching as a new path. Working in Gwinnett County, Jeff taught 10th grade Language Arts at Parkview High School, where he demonstrated his dedication to empowering students and fostering a love for learning.

I had been thinking of teaching for quite some time, but, familiar with all the problems of public schools, was reluctant to take the leap. In the summer of 2022, though, God emphatically pushed me out of the nest. This career transition enabled my connection to a wildly diverse group of young adults, where I witnessed firsthand the challenges they face. While getting to know these energetic students, I grew to understand the values of this incredibly diverse community.


Man, oh man, did I ever work my butt off! But at times, teaching in a public school was difficult and as an older guy, at times I struggled to match the student’s energy. Like most first-year teachers, I experienced thrills of victory, when I knew students were learning, but also unhappy defeats, and several points in-between. My year of teaching, no doubt, serves as a huge point of reference for my Education agenda. 

Principled Leader

Driven by his passion for positive change and a genuine desire to serve his constituents and country, Jeff Criswell enters the political arena with a unique advantage. Unencumbered by longstanding political allegiances, he approaches issues with an open mind and a commitment to finding practical solutions that benefit the greater good.

With a diverse background encompassing entrepreneurship, education, and a steadfast Christian faith, Jeff Criswell is poised to make a meaningful impact in his community.

His dedication to his neighbors and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others gives him the potential to be an inspiring leader who truly understands the needs and aspirations of the people he serves.



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