Police Reform

In this race, I am THE CANDIDATE of POLICE REFORM, which is much-needed here in Georgia’s 6th District. Of course, I’m not suggesting that we don’t need police or that they should be defunded. That’s absurd and we all know it.

But here in Georgia’s 6th District - and all over America - it’s time to take a hard look at some of the obvious flaws in the current policing model.

Here is my top-10 list of police reforms needed in GA-06:

  1. On-going psychiatric evaluations of all police officers. They’re under great stress, no doubt. Folks who become cynical and detached from reality, are more likely to resort to brutality and may end up harming themselves, too. Let’s find and help these folks before it’s too late.

  2. No agency may hire a cop who does not hold a 4-year Criminal Justice degree.

  3. No agency may hire a cop who does not formally renounce the toxic aspects of “Blue Line” culture: retaliation, harassment, stalking, character assassination, intimidation.

  4. Protection for whistleblowers.

  5. Bias training / awareness education. Law-abiding minorities are more likely to suffer at the hands of immature / badly trained cops.

  6. Mandatory liability insurance to protect hiring agencies from the stiff financial penalties resulting from professional misconduct.

  7. Civilian / community oversight committees who impartially monitor police procedures and outcomes.

  8. De-Militarization of police agencies. We make tanks to roll through enemy territory, not American neighborhoods. It’s not just the disastrous optics but the metaphor involved.

  9. Transparency regarding the professional background of those being considered for employment by a hiring agency.

  10. End the weaponization of civil forfeiture against law abiding citizens.


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